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ESTONIAN-born 11-year-old violinist Estella Elisheva captivates world music classics

OHMYGOSSIP – According to the American edition Famousbirthdays.com the fifth grader of Tallinn Jewish School, 11-year-old Estella Elisheva is an exceptionally gifted girl and for the past few years the American newspapers have titled her the next Taylor Swift in

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Forbes listed the world’s top-earning “YouTube Stars 2015”

OHMYGOSSIP — Forbes publishes the earnings of top online stars who have become multi-millionaires on a par with Hollywood’s finest… but do you recognize them? 👍 0

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Lindsey Stirling had her “mind blown” by John Legend

OHMYGOSSIP — Lindsey Stirling has admitted she was in disbelief when John Legend asked to collaborate with her on another version of his hit ‘All of Me’. 👍 0

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