Helena-Reet: OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand

Helena-Reet: OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand

OHMYGOSSIP – OHMYGOSSIP is already a massive brand and a company, which is well known in Estonia, Finland, America and Brazil. I am actually quite proud to put up a brand like these apart from having children.

I have been chosen many times Scandinavian’s biggest social media influencer and OHMYGOSSIP webpages are being visited by 3 million readers per month. If you think it’s easy to achieve something like this, you’re wrong. It has been 10 years of hard work with an aim to secure my children’s future. In the next 5 years I’m aiming to grow the turnover of OHMYGOSSIP to 5-10 million euros and use the brand’s name on variety of products. Also I’d ike to think with Estella Elisheva what exactly to do with a youth-oriented brand OHMYGOSSIP Teen and how to develop the brand E&S (Elisheva & Shoshana) created about 8 years ago.

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