OHMYGOSSIP is now also available in Swedish!

OHMYGOSSIP is now also available in Swedish!

OHMYGOSSIP – I started to develop Swedish Ohmygossip’s platform already in 2014, but now I have also opened a separate webpage Ohmygossip.se. As you can see the page is still in development but I’m planning to do the blog posts in 4 languages. Estonian (Ohmygossip.ee), English (Ohmygossip.com), Finnish (Ohmygossip.fi) and Swedish (Ohmygossip.se). This is the order I’m planning to translate the articles, thus on the last pages the stories will appear with a little delay.

As the plan is to regularly grow and expand and my target is the Scandinavian market, I’m planning to move towards that direction step by step. In September we opened Ohmygossip.fi page and this worked out so well that I thought not to wait anymore with the Swedish page. It feels great as I wanted to do this a long time ago. I have blogged in Swedish before at Mondoblog.se, Spotlife.se and Blogg.se platforms, but some of those platforms have even stopped their work by today. I want to dedicate more time to Finnish and Swedish page and increase Ohmygossip’s fame in the Northern countries. I know that due to lack of time and financial means I am doing mainly baby steps but even a small step is a step in the right direction.

My goal is to become one of the major bloggers in Scandinavia. In social media I have already reached that goal with my followers but I still have the desire to reach that aim also with daily unique readers and general fame. Although I believe that it is not possible to decide who is the biggest influencer as there are many variables to measure it – readers’ number, the fame of the blog, the base of blog’s social media, the income of the blog, the internationalism of the blog, blog’s name as a brand, brand’s value, services/products sold under blog’s name, the number of collaborations and contacts, the amount of subscribers, blog’s activity on social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc), blog’s Google Analytics and blog’s ratings in different lists.

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