Henry Holland easily adapts his design ideas

Henry Holland easily adapts his design ideas

OHMYGOSSIP — Henry Holland found it “easier” to jump from designing clothes to furniture. The 33-year-old designer joined forces with the interior brand Habitat in November 2015 and the creative mastermind has revealed he didn’t struggle to adapt his ideas to suit textiles and upholstery because the skill set needed are “similar”.

Speaking about his feelings when he expanded his skills and designed his first collection with Habitat, he said: “It was actually easier than you might think. A lot of the work in the interiors was around fabrication and detailing, and those are similar to the techniques we use in the clothing. Also it was about creating textures throughout the collection. All the rugs were hand-made in India and the pile was cut at different heights for a 3D effect. I found it naturally interesting exploring all the different techniques.”

Henry – who launched his fashion label house of Holland in 2008 – is known for his bold and outlandish garments, and the entrepreneur has revealed he has been encouraged to continue creating statement designs and make them even more “extreme” under the furnishings retailer.

He explained to the Metro newspaper: “The brand synergy between House of Holland and Habitat is really similar so we are appealing to the same people. Also, I love the idea of putting our brand DNA in different products so our customers have different things to buy into.

“I think the maximilism trend is something that works well for everyone. This individuality and dressing to express yourselves is a good thing, considering the state of the world. People want to be heard. Habitat isn’t afraid to be bold, so when I came into work on this collection they were pushing me to be even brighter. They just wanted this collection to be that little bit more extreme.”

Featured image: Henry Holland (Doug Peters/ EMPICS Entertainment/Scanpix)
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