Kate Moss: I don’t want a generic model agency, I’m looking for characters

Kate Moss: I don’t want a generic model agency, I’m looking for characters

OHMYGOSSIP — Kate Moss wants to sign characters to her modelling agency. The 43-year-old supermodel established a company in her own name last year, and wants to take expanding her books “slowly” and anyone she does take on needs to be more than just a pretty face.

She told British Vogue magazine: “We are taking it slowly. I don’t want a generic model agency, I’m looking for characters. Like someone amazing-looking who can also sing and tap dance. I’m obsessed by Bob Fosse and ‘Cabaret’ is a real favourite film of mine. One thing I do know is talent when I see it.”

For those who the catwalk icon does take on, she admits she feels “maternal” towards them and never wants them to feel bad about themselves. The blonde beauty said: “I don’t want a young girl to feel bad if she has to wait around. I was that person with Steven Meisel, even though I was the face of CK at the time. I had to sit around for days. It can be really hard. I’m maternal; I don’t want the girls to feel insecure.”
Fashion designer John Galliano thinks anyone signed by Kate is incredibly lucky because she knows the fashion world inside out.

He said: “Kate is a godsend to any young model she signs. Her understanding of the business is acute. She not only understands every nuance of how to model, but also has an innate understanding of the clothes and can therefore interpret them perfectly for the camera, so it’s an amazing masterclass for anyone, let alone a new model, to be working around Kate.”

And the British beauty knows how hard the life of a young model can be as she was so “lonely” in her early days. Her former agent, Jess Hallett, said: “She was pretty lonely in her first years as a model. When I started to look after her, she was never off a plane and would call me from a phone box before she took off and after she landed. She was travelling around the world alone and it was not easy. After a while, I started to travel everywhere with her. I hope it made it a bit nicer for her.”

Featured image: Kate Moss (Thibault Camus/AP Photo/TT NYHETSBYRÅN/Scanpix)


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